Saturday, June 9, 2012

Against - Winter Sun EP

Winter Sun EP

Ukrainian Drum n' Bass producer Against released his first solo EP on Soul Deep Recordings, and it is definitely a keeper. While DnB mixes are usually upbeat and are the sonic equivalent of adrenalin, the tracks on the Winter Sun EP are extremely calming. Most of the songs ease the mind with soft humming bass drones in the background. The EP opens with Colour Control. In the background you will find a sporadic and barely audible bass thump nicely placed within the spaces of the drum beats. An occasional airy synth plays and adds a nice soft element to the mix. A vocal sample echoes and fades away in the outro to lead into the dark piano/organ notes that open on Eastern Express. Here, a haunting Burial style vocal sample comes in after a break from the drum beat creating an excellent climax point. The following title track intros with an astral drone interlaced with soft trumpet blares while the drum beat follows moments later, leading you through the rest of the song with occasional breaks. The last mix titled Hidden Element & Against is not shy; unlike the other tracks, it opens immediately with the main drum beat and is followed suit by an escalating organ style synth. A break, followed by yet another echoic vocal sample drives you back into the drum beat accompanied with the soft bass hum. Against has taken a grand minimalist approach to the production of this EP and the result is a unique and soothing DnB sound.

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