Saturday, March 10, 2012

Krampfhaft - Makin' Magic EP

Makin' Magic EP

If EPs are thought of as short and sweet, than you might need to see dentist after listening to the Makin' Magic EP. Dutch producer Kramfhaft delivers an amazing EP taking EDM and mixing it with the light and classy elements of dubstep. While you wont find any bass drops here, a beautiful spacey synth is present on nearly every track, with echoing bass drones placed in the background. It starts off with I Needed You, which opens with a sweet vocal sample. The synth in this song blares with a sequence reminiscent of an alarm. In the middle of the EP, the calming title track is a breather and digresses from the rest of the album. It is the only track on the EP to not use the signature synth. The bonus track Faux Art is definitely a lively club song that sticks to the EDM genre.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kay the Aquanaut - Waterloo

1) Vote Hungry
2) I Keep Studying
3) Glory (featuring Nolto)
4) A Different World
5) Kill You (featuring Sole
6) Nemo (featuring Ceschi)
7) Glass Slipper
8) Unsatisfactory (featuring Gescha)
9) John Wayne
10) Walk the Earth (featuring Cam the Wizzard)
11) Window Seat (featuring Def3)
12) Textbooks
13) Ballad Of The C.E.O
Kay the Aquanaut

Kay the Aquanaut is a prominent rapper from the Canadian hip hop scene. His album Waterloo was released on Circle Into Square and displays his impressive wordplay and his unique accent. On Waterloo, Kay raps about various political and social issues with a passion that reminds one of war cries. His inflections and rhymes reiterate his message in each song. For example on the track Vote Hungry, he furiously reminds us that it is the people, and not the government who have the power. While his messages are strong, his flow and lyrical skill are even more impressive. See I Keep Studying. Here, he goes berserk with his flow; It appears as if breathing is just an option when he is rapping. There are lots of features on this album, and many of which are not very well known. Of them, a rapper by the name of Def3 stands out. He appears on the track Window Seat and nearly outshines Kay with a flow that incorporates pauses to put emphasis on certain lines. Window Seat also features a relaxing beat that gives you a break from the "get up and take action" feel throughout the whole album. Waterloo is a great addition to anyone's indie rap library. And plus, that album art is not too shabby.