Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cage - Movies For The Blind

1) Morning Drips
2) Escape To 88
3) (Down) The Left Hand Path
4) Teenage Death
5) Too Much
6) In Stoney Lodge
7) Probably Causes Paranoia
8) The Soundtrack...
9) Among The Sleep
10) Agent Orange
11) A Suicidal Failure
12) Ck Won
13) Unlike Tower 1
14) Under Satan's Authority
15) A Crowd Killer
16) The Right Out
17) Holdin A Jar 2
18) Pussy, Money and War
Movies For The Blind

DefJux rapper Cage's first studio LP is one raw record. On nearly every track you can feel his anger towards drugs, his step dad, rival MCs, depression, and more. His fury pours onto finely crafted lyrics and wordplay. "Why is he so angry?" you might ask. Well this guy's life has not been easy. He had a history of abuse as a child, detention in mental hospitals, and problems with PCP. However what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. This is clear on the first listen of Movies For The Blind. Cage does not hold back at all on this album. Movies For The Blind starts off with a strange dialogue by Cage of his drug routine. Then you are immediately dumped onto a scratchy beat by DJ Mighty Mi, who produced most of the album. Songs like "Too Much", "In Stoney Lodge", and "The Soundtrack..." give you insight into Cage's mind. He uses intriguing word play to tell you about the banes of his life. While it might seem boring to listen to a bunch of songs about some guy's woes, the story as a whole is something intriguing. Also, Cage's delivery does not disappoint. "Among The Sleep" is a softer track with an amazing beat produced by none other than RJD2. In this song, Cage depicts a story where PCP combined with suicidal tendencies creates nightmares where he can't tell if he is awake or asleep. "Agent Orange" takes a slight detour from the rest of the album and depicts Cage as a crazy lunatic MC who is not to be fucked with. Movies For The Blind makes for a great album themed on drugs and hate. While this might not appeal to everyone, Cage's talent on this thing is unbridled and anyone who is a fan of hip hop should at least give Movies For The Blind a try.


  1. Not really a big fan of hiphop unfortunately :/

    1. I am big fan of hiphop so thats probably what im going to see :))

    2. what the fuck are you here for then son