Tuesday, February 14, 2012


1) Finally
2) Up All Night
3) Half A Knot
4) Mama Always Told Me
5) Go For The Gusto Room
6) Wow
7) The Only Way
8) In The Building
9) Bout It Bout It
10) Get The Name Straight
11) Long Time Gone
12) Still Up All Night
13) Perfect Picture
14) Anything Is Possible
15) The Oath
16) Bonus - Hold On John

The self titled debut album from Johnson&Johnson (aka hip hop duo MC Blu and producer Mainframe), is a lively record. A stark contrast to Below the Heavens, (which features jazzy, soulful, almost melancholy beats by Exile), Johson&Johnson will get you up out of your chair with the upbeat, funky production. From the thumping bass guitar used in "Up All Night", to the classic drum n' clap style "Get the Name Straight", Mainframe's production steers Blu's flow into a more animated territory.  Interluded in the excitement are a few relaxing tracks. "Bout It Bout It", for example features a beat centered around a slowly strummed guitar. The bonus track titled "Hold on John" is rather special. It stages Blu on top of the instrumental to Hold On by John Lennon. While this album may not be at exactly the same level as Below The Heavens, it is special in it's own right. Johnson&Johnson makes for a solid album which debuts a "funkier" side of Blu thanks to Mainframe. You will not regret lending this your ear.

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  1. Sounds good. And I do have to say that they get bonus points for the cover!